The cyclotourist tour of Lozere


the cyclotourist tour of Lozere

Présentation :
petitecartetourlozereIn june 2004, a group of friends, all of them members of the Cyclo Club Mendois, began the adventure. The aim, which was quite ambitious for these cyclists who had never really travelled by bicycle until then, was to tour around the Lozere, with full independence for one week, spending the nights in hotels or «gîtes d’étapes».
From this adventure, our journey, referenced by the french cyclotourist federation (FFCT) under the number 196/05, was born.
The principle is simple : after your registration, you will get a complete file including maps for the journey on an IGN background at a 1:100 000 scale with the profile of the tour, tourist information about the sites and monuments that you will see along the road and a log book ( » carnet de route  » ).
v_mont-lozere2Then you will just have to take your bike and ride on the quiet little roads of Lozere, along the 600 km of the trip and its 9600 m difference in height , enjoying the wild landscapes. Your ride will also lead you to the discovery of the national parc of the Cevennes. The cyclotourist tour of Lozere goes along more than 250 km of the small roads therein (amongst which 75 in its central zone).
Created in 1970, this park consists of a worldwide UNESCO biosphere since 1985 : it comprises more than 2 400 animal species (in which almost half of the vertebrate species of France are numbered) and more than 2 650 plant species (from which 21 are endemic).
All this effort will definitely make you hungry. No worries : even if the Lozere is not a region of the most sophisticated culinary tradition, the simple but very fresh and genuine Lozerian food products are sources of great pleasures. Depending on the season, you can let yourself taste the emblematic aligot, the tripoux and manouls, the pouteille, the dried salamis (charcuterie) or fresh sausages (cabbage, spinach, swiss chard, chestnut, …), the beef meat of Aubrac, the lamb, the Fariot trout, the wild mushrooms (ceps, chanterelles, morels, St George’s mushrooms) with, as dessert, fruits of the forest,  » coupétade « ,  » flaune  » and  » fougasse « .
In order to fully enjoy the landscapes of Lozere and the diversity of the fauna and flora, the end of spring is the best time of the year to make this journey. You will thereby avoid the tourist rush of summer, especially in the gorges of the Tarn and Jonte.
v_vautourYou will then find a highly diversified flora : daffodils, narcissus, or broom with intoxicating scents and, if you look closely, some even rarer species.
The wildlife will also surprise you : you may have the chance to see bisons, wolves, vultures, and also beavers, otters and the typical atlantic salmon, much more difficult to observe.
In the Lozere, the stone gives its identity to each region : granite of Margeride, basalte of Aubrac, limestone or the Great Causses and schist of the Cevennes are marking the landscapes and the traditional architecture. Along the way, you will see this across the villages, castles, churches or temples but also through the small heritage (traditional wash houses, fountains, baker’s ovens, «ferradou», storm towers, crosses, «clèdes» and «cazelles»…).
This tour will lead you through traces of prehistoric man (dolmens and menhirs are numerous in the Lozere), of the Romans, the religious wars, the Camisards and the maquis of Margeride.
In order to validate your journey and get your certificate, do not forget to have your log book stamped at the control points or to take a photograph of each of the touristic sites which are indicated there.
Due to the high average altitude, the morning temperatures are very cool (even in summer) and might surprise you : do not forget to take some warm clothes with you.
Besides, the triple will be welcome in order to face the many hills with sometimes very steep slopes along the way.

 Please read the summary below:

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« the options


the option «bike rider» :


v_cascade-derocThis is more for the experienced riders who have already toured extensively by bicycle or being well trained to touring in mountainous regions. The maximum time you have to complete the tour of the Lozere is 6 days (but you can of course complete it faster if you so wish).
It is the right option for those who are mostly looking for the more sporty option.
We recommend to start from Mende and we suggest the following option :
  • from Mende to Langogne in order to go up the Lot valley and follow the Alliers’s valley, then (105 km and 1300 meters difference in height),
  • from Langogne to Malzieu-Ville through the Margeride (90 km and 1600 meters difference in height),
  • from Malzieu Ville to Saint Germain du Teil through the landscape of the Aubrac (100 km and 1550 meters difference in height),
  • from Saint Germain du Teil to Meyrueis between the gorges and «causses» (85 km and 1400 meters difference in height),
  • from Meyrueis to Le Pont de Burgen bridge through the Cévennes (including the 1565 m high Aigoual, the highest peak of the journey) (100 km and 1500 meters difference in height),
  • from Le Pont de Burgen to Mende over the Mont Lozere to the Col de Finiels at 1541 meters height (110 km and 2200 meters difference in height).


the option «cyclotouriste» :


 This option offers you more freedom. No time frame : you decide freely on how you wish to progress of your journey, completing the journey it in a dozen or so consecutive staging points or spreading it out over a holiday in the Lozere, within a few weeks or even over several stays.
v_chateau-champsThe aim is simple : take the time to discover the many facets of the Lozere according to your own schedule and tastes !
This option is meant for those who are not that much experienced as cycle travellers or those who just mostly enjoy the  » tourism  » side of it.
The starting place and the direction of the journey are up to you, but we recommend however to start from Mende and to do it clockwise.

« the regulations

    • the cyclotourist tour of the Lozere is a permanent tour which is organized, controlled and officially recognized by the Cyclo Club Mendois,
    • this tour is open to everyone, with or without a cycle licence,
    • the participants must be insured for cycling, accept that they are in a private excursion and respect the highway code,
    • in order to be allowed to participate, minors must be accompagnied by an adult relative, a legal representative or a teacher,
    • the participant must have his/her log book stamped (with a wet stamp) or provide photographs of the bicycle in front of the signpost of the place indicated by the Cyclo club Mendois,
    • the registration can be payed with a check to the Cyclo Club Mendois or via bank transfer to the following bank account (account owner : Cyclo Club Mendois – bank : la Banque Postale Montpellier, Frankreich – IBAN : FR06 2004 1010 0904 3861 1X03 079 – Swiftcode : PSSTFRPPMON. After payment, the participant will reveive a complete file, the log book and a detailed documentation about the journey.

    « official recognition

    In order to let your tour be officially recognised, you merely need to send back your log book with the required stamps and/or photographs to our contact person (see the adress in the practical infomation below).
    You will then receive your diploma, confirming your participation to the Tour de la Lozère cyclotouriste, as well as your log book undersigned by the chairman of the Cyclo Club Mendois.


    « the fees

    The registration cost :
    • 7 € (seven euros) pro person if you have an FFCT licence (Federation Francaise de Cyclo Tourisme),
    • 10 € (ten euros) pro person otherwise.
    Please join an envelope sized A4 with enough postmarks for a 100 g file which will be returned to you (1,40 Euros at the rates published by La Poste on 01.01.2016). Important : for the persons who do not have an adress in France, it is not necessary to join an envelope but the inscription fees should be increased by the price of the posting (which would be 2,00 Euros for European countries and Switzerland or 2,50 Euros for the rest of the world, according to the postal rates dated 01.01.2014).

    « the presentation leaflet


    You can download the leaflet and the registration form for the cyclotourist Tour of Lozere as a pdf file by cliking on the image below.

extracts from documents


You can see some extracts from documents that you will receive by clicking on the links below :
Map                                                                                                          Profile
 Tourist information

For further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact person for this tour :
or send us a message at the following e-mail adress (in french, english or german)
In order to know about the accomodation possibilities, you can get in touch with the comité départemental du tourisme or consult the site: »hebergements